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This website has been created to build a bridge between the Nation of Kaszebe and all the Kashubian communities around the world, with the hope of coming together to ensure the preservation of the Kashubian Nation, the Kashub people, and the Kashubian culture and Nationality.

Each link will offer information on what Kashubs are doing to promote and preserve the Kashubian identity. In places such as Kaszebe, Canada, United States, Poland, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Brazil.

Please click on the Nation flag.

We will attempt to offer you the latest information and provide you with photos, stories, and folklore of the Kashubian people.

Anyone wishing to participate by offering information relevant to our culture in their community is encouraged to email remus@kashub.com anyone wishing to purchase Kashubian hats, flags, hockey jerseys, embroidery pieces click on Items for Sale.

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