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The first Kashubs arrived in Canada from the Nation of Kaszebe. Kaszebe is a small Nation which is south of the Swedish Nation, north of the Polish Nation., west of the Lithaunian Nation and east of the German Nation. Kaszebe has been ruled and governed by many Nations throughout its history. When our ancestors came to Canada, Kaszebe was part of the Prussian Nation. At one time the nation was also part of the Swedish& the German Nations. Today it is part of the Polish Nation. Since 1284, Kaszebe has been part of different Nations and before that it stood on its own from the begining of time. 

They settled in around Wilno, Barry’s Bay, Round Lake, Hopefield, Halfway, Shrine Hill and Rockingham in Ontario in the west end of Renfrew County. The area is also known as the Madawaska & Bonnechere Valleys. The name of the first Kashubian Settlement was Princetown named after the first postmaster Adam Prince, then later renamed to Wilno.

    The Kashubian culture is still very rich and alive in Kaszebe Canada. The culture today is under great stress, because of influence of other cultures. Canada is a Multicultural country with the English & French language dominating.

The most dominate culture that influenced the Kashubian culture was by the Polish people, who immigrated to our area after the Second World War. We started to become Polonized. Because they did not know about us and our Kashubian heritage, they assumed this, because Kaszebe is part of their Polish Nation today. Little did they know that we were part of the Prussian/German Nation back in 1858. They did not realized that the Nation of Kaszebe will always be, has always been in the past, it is today and will always be. The confusion for them is that the Nation of Kaszebe is part of the Poland Nation today and that is all they see. They told us that we were Polish and we speak a dialect of the Polish language and our culture was Polish and for us to find out that after going to the homeland of Kaszebe, this was not true. We are Kashubs, our Nation is Kaszebe and our culture and Nationality and language is Kashubian. Polonization is the largest stress on the Kashubian identity today, both in Kaszebe and all over the world. Today, they are listening to the Kashub people and are very entrigued and interested in helping the Kashub people.

Our Kashubian identity was starting to get lost in 1885 when our settlement got its name. Our first spiritual leader was Polish and did not know about our culture. He named our town after his home town of Wilno which at the time was part of the Polish Nation and under Russia rule. What he should of done, is called our town, Kaszebe. Because 95 % of the people in our coummunity were Kashub- they came from Kaszebe. Having him name it after a Polish town from the Polish Nation, we were labelled and known as Polish to the rest of Canada. This was the start of Polonization. Today Kashubs go to the homeland to find out their own heritage. Also, because the spiritual leader was Polish, the mass at their church was Polish, therefore everything in the church become Polish from icons, pray books, hymns books. Because the first generation of Kashub could speak Polish and even German because of the influence in the homeland, they could understand the priest, but the next four generations could not and still do not today. When the sermon is said, the Kashubs do not understand what is said Local Kashubs do not go to the Polish mass because they do not understand their priest. The Polish people who immigrated after the second world war are coming to celebrate the Polish Mass. It ends up that the work of the Kashub people and scarificing their own culture is helping out their Slavic cousins the Polish people. The positive thing today is that both cultures live in complete harmony. They are learning from each other and find acceptances. Knowing their differences is their strength.

 The Canadian Kashubs are very proud to be Canadian citizens, but very proud of their Kashubian roots. Over 150 years later, these Kashub people in Canada still hold on to their traditions and are making sure that all the elements of the Kashubian culture are intact, such as their language, music, dance, food, folklore, costumes, crafts like Kashubian embroidery & quilting, furniture, & their faith in church.

The Kashub people celebrate their Kashubian culture at their annual Kashub Day Festival in Wilno Ontario Canada’s First Kashubian Community and is held annually on the first Saturday in May. It is a celebration of their Kashubian Culture and Nationality. The Nation of Kaszebe, the homeland and native land of their ancestors and paying tribute to the Blessed Mother of Sianowo, Queen of Kaszebe.

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