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Discovering Kashubia Europe

Author, David Shulist


Book signing with Irene Burchat and Irene Rekowsko


Dr. Richard Sokoloski, Univ. of Ottawa


President of the European Union, Donald Tusk and Senator Kazimierz Kleina

Reviews and Accolades:

“Your book is educational, informative and compliments books written previously. It will help the next generation to understand their Kashubian history. The book is written from a sense of dedication, passion,and mission. To that extent, it is a commendable addition to the subject.”
Dr. Richard Sokoloski, University of Ottawa

“The pictorial content is fantastic, and the text is wonderful and refreshingly "natural". The trilingual dictionary is an extremely interesting and valuable contribution to linguistics as well as local history.”
Peter Hessell - Author of “The Ottawa Valley Germans”

“I was amazed to learn about the quality of the Kashubian culture here in Canada – how traditions and language were preserved when our ancestors came to Canada. I hope this book will serve to inspire the present-day and future descendants of our Kashubian settlers to keep learning about and practising our culture here in Canada.”
Nancy Cheko, Wilno, Ontario

“By telling his story, the Author wants to show us the difficulties and the grief within our Kashubian history. He writes about how tough it is sometimes to be a Kashub and how important it is to remember your own roots. I hope this story of discovery and passion, will help some people (not just Kashubs) to open their eyes to their own cultural richness - identity.
Grgr Jarosłw Schramke - Kashubian teacher, educator and writer

“There isn’t much Kashubian that he hasn’t touched on. Dave’s personal journey of curiosity and discovery is of a two-fold nature as he unveils comparative similarities and differences in local and Kaszb homeland traditions. Most of us can relate to beliefs and cultural tidbits that Dave presents”.
Edward Chippior, Educator

“David describes a difficult journey of discovering our real identity and the tremendous values of our Kashubian culture and identity. In the future, this book will have a big meaning because all scientists and researchers of Kaszb will read and analyze this book.”
Dr. Eugeniusz Prczkwsczi 

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